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When Is My Child Ready?  When are Parents Ready? What Are Signs To Look For?

Behavior that signals readiness in your child
The ability to sit and be attentive for a minimum of 30 minutes

Is attentive and eager to learn
Child's level of maturity
Sings with frequency

Responds positively to musical sounds inside and outside home
Actively participates in pre-school or grade school music program
Voluntarily explores sounds on objects or a musical instrument
Has a particular interest or desire to play an instrument

A teacher's observation of your child's particular interest in musical activities and curiosity
Child's awareness of the alphabet, counting, left and right directionality

Physical Signs
When child is tall enough to reach the piano keys
Able to sit on the bench with reasonably good posture
Demonstrates signs of developing Fine and Gross motor coordination skills (i.e., manipulating scissors, pencils, coloring in the lines)


In order for progress to be achieved, it is expected that your child devote a minimum of 15-30 minutes per day.

Parental Readiness
Recognition of the value of taking on a new endeavor
Willingness to undertake this new time commitment
Awareness that parental involvement increases your child's academic success (performance and motivation)
Family member availability to transport child to and from lessons
Family member availability to listen to child perform
Desire to purchase a keyboard or piano
Willingness to praise and encourage practice and performance
Financial responsibility

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